Hidden Beaches and Picnic Spots


When the going gets hot, the hot go to the beach.
We happen to know of a few great beaches on the North Shore that you’ll love. But be warned’€”these are carefully guarded secrets that locals keep to themselves, so you might not want to say we told you.

West Bay Park offers grass, beach, sun and even washrooms. It’€™s a popular spot for end of the school year parties and summer gatherings. Located at the end of Radcliffe Avenue, it’€™s tricky to find but worth it. Good to Know: Parking is limited to the street.

Sandy Cove Park is a gem, offering sand, sun, grass and lovely swimming. It’s not big enough for kids to get out of sight so you can keep an eye on them as you relax at the beach. Park on Rose Crescent and descend the stone staircase under the bridge to get to the water.

Stearman Beach is mostly pebbles and rocks but offers rivers and creeks that are great for exploring. Enjoy the fantastic views of English Bay while the kids play in the shallow water. Good to Know: High tide provides a better visit, but less beach.

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Tested by Tammy J., Vancouver


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