Holiday Help


Our Elf on the Shelf is a big help in keeping our kids cordial until Christmas—if only we had our own seasonal assistant(s) to magically make our holiday prep just as smooth. We sourced some of the city’s secret weapons to help make mastering your to-do list seem like child’s play.

For years we’ve been nearly run off our feet by the end of the holiday season sourcing, wrapping, and delivering gifts to everyone on our list. So we feel no shame in sharing the love digitally with Giftagram, a new app that allows you to shop and send amazing gifts instantly. All you need is your credit card and the recipient’s email or phone number, and with three clicks you’ve crossed a name off your list (the receiver gets a notification and fills in their address). Progress, people. It’s amazing.

Craft Ontario’s Pop-Up Craft Shop
Big box stores may have their merits (thank you Costco for the 200 pound jar of cashews) but when it comes to finding a stand-out gift, local artisan markets offer something thoughtful for everyone. Craft Ontario’s Pop-Up Craft Shop, which runs until December 24 in Queen West, offers excellent ideas for making loved ones feel special with jewellery, glass, ceramics, paper, textiles, wood, furniture, clothing, household items and more.

We’ve got more holiday tricks up our sleeves. Keep clicking to see the rest of our Holiday Helpers in Toronto.



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