Pumpkins on Parade in Toronto

SavvyMom October 4, 2016

For some neighbourhoods it’s a relatively new tradition. For others, it goes back more than a decade. We’re talking about fun, sugar-fuelled pumpkin parades!

Typically held the day after Halloween, which also coincides this year with the day the clocks go back, families can bring their carved jack-o’-lantern to the designated spot, light them up and enjoy the creations, socializing, and maybe some hot apple cider. It’s a more low-key way to enjoy Halloween after the furor of the night before, when kids barely glance at the jack-o’-lanterns carved with love (if not artistic skill). So find a spot, bring your pumpkin, and enjoy some community bonding.

Sorauren Park 
One of the originals, Sorauren Park has been hosting a pumpkin parade since 2004. The spectacle boasts more than 2,000 pumpkins lining the paths to the park. There is no competition, but it’s fun to try to pick out a favourite motif (we’re predicting lots of Jays-themed pumpkins).

Old Toronto
What better place for a pumpkin parade than Old Toronto, with its great architecture and sense of history. It’s the sort of place where you might actually come to believe that ghosts do exist! But not to worry, the pumpkin parade is held at cheerful St. James Park and features free hot chocolate and cider and prizes for best pumpkin design by a kid/family as well as by a business.

After the frenzy of Halloween night is over, enjoy the dazzling jack-o’-lanterns and community bonding with one of these pumpkin parades in the GTA.

We’ve got more 9 more pumpkin parades to tell you about—find one near you here.



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