Snazzy Snips for Kids


Sometimes scoring a weekend appointment for your tyke’€™s haircut seems less attainable than persuading Kate Middleton’€™s hairdresser to style your locks. But cutting the kids’€™ hair yourself isn’€™t the only other option (we don’€™t recommend it).
Help is here at Crazy Cuts on Mount Pleasant, just south of Eglinton.

We love the themed chairs and video games (helpful for distracting siblings along for the ride) that accompany a haircut ($21.50). But we’€™re positively over the moon that one of our fave Canadian hair and body care brands, Green Beaver, has a place of honour, alongside Piggy Paint nail polish and Lady Bug Jane eco lip balms. That means no parabens.

The salon’€™s staff are sweet and patient. We’€™re also pleased that the outing itself is a treat, so no need to calm with sugar and other dubious foodstuffs. In fact, a visit to Crazy Cuts is so pleasurable that we begin to wonder if this is actually the salon Duchess Kate frequents, Piggy Paint and all.

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Tested by Janice Q., Toronto


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