10 Best Butcher Shops in Toronto


Grilling your beloved over why the neighbour’€™s burgers always taste so much better? The secret to hosting memorable mouth-watering barbecues this summer might be found inside one of Toronto’€™s best-of-breed butcher shops.
You’€™ll find their selections really are a cut above.

As moms, we love a good comeback story, so we were happy to hear that Butcher by Nature, a family-run west-end butcher shop which had closed due to an accidental fire two years ago, has successfully re-opened across the street’€”and the quality of their food and knowledgeable customer service hasn’€™t changed.

Go for their organic ‘€˜Flat Chickens’€™ alone, but you’€™ll end up leaving with so much more. Sold just as described (flat and completely deboned, with the skin removed too, if you ask in advance), their Flat Chickens come soaked in seven amazing marinades ready to be barbecued or cooked any way you like. We love Mirella’€™s (owner Frank’€™s wife) special marinade’€”ask for it at the counter.

But Butcher by Nature doesn’€™t just sell chickens. You’€™ll find PEI grass-fed beef, duck from Quebec, game meats, bison, elk venison, wild boar, lamb and 25 different varieties of sausage’€”all done on site.

We love that they also turned a tragedy (the fire) into an opportunity. They opened a restaurant at the site of their former location that burned down and named it Marky and Sparky’€™s Smokehouse. (Get it?)

Backyard barbecues are one of the best things about summer. Bring home the bacon and more from one of the 10 Best Butcher Shops in Toronto.

Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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