Blades of Glory


We’re not saying it’s easy. Teaching a two, three or four year-old to skate can be tough—on your back, your patience and your mental state. But like most things in life, early investments pay off later—and often quicker than you think. Toronto has 52 outdoor rinks available to the public, so there’s no excuse for being a Canadian who doesn’t know how to skate. Here are some of the latest additions to our ever-growing list of the rinks we love.
It’s not the largest rink located next to Lake Ontario (Natrel wins by size) but the just-opened, 920 square metre Sherbourne Common skating rink does boast incredible views and a first-hand look at one of the widely anticipated Waterfront revitalization projects along the Lakeshore. Located in front of the park’s main pavilion, Sherbourne Common Rink offers seating around the sides of the ice and rubber matting for skates. Aside from washrooms and daily Zamboni clearing, other amenities are not available (or have yet to open) so bring snacks and sharpened skates with you.

If the confines of a typical oval rink leaves you cold, Colonel Sam Smith Skating Trail is a must visit. The 360 metre winding trail—Toronto’s first—is roughly in the shape of a figure eight and located at the base of Kipling where it meets Lakeshore. It’s open from 9 am to 10 pm (but only certain hours have rink staff). A large change area with benches helps with getting the kids’ gear on and off.


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