Consider Education


After a long hot summer with the kids, most moms appreciate being back into the routine of normal life. In many cases, ‘normal life’ means back to school.
Speaking of school, you might have noticed there have been a lot of changes—good ones—happening in Ontario schools lately.

Full-day kindergarten is the biggest change so far. Thanks to the current government, 50,000 four and five-year-olds will be attending full-day kindergarten this fall. And there’s more. Since 2003, over 5,100 new elementary teachers have been hired to help reduce class sizes and there is more funding for elementary specialist teachers to ensure kids receive a well rounded education including the arts and physical education. Finally, 90 percent of primary classes have 20 or fewer students since 2003.

These might seem like small measures to some, but to moms, they are very important. Any changes that make the school environment more healthy and positive for children are on the top of moms’ lists of concerns. After all, kids who go to school all day spend as much time there as they do with their family.

You might have noticed some ads on tv and radio lately asking you to vote against kids. Talk about getting your attention!

You can get the full message from this website and also learn where each of the political parties stand on education. You can have fun there, too. Moms can upload a picture of your own child, create a poster and more. You can also get your friends involved by sharing it through Facebook, Twitter or email.

But here’s the most important message to take away from all of this: consider education when you vote on October 6. Vote for the candidate you can trust to continue making innovative, pro-kid changes to public education.

Because school isn’t just an environment for academic learning, it’s a place where kids grow.


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