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SavvyMom March 31, 2016

Kids can do the most amazing things. We ponder this as we watch our three year-old master the ‘pretzel up the nose’ trick, all on her own.
So in the spirit of doing amazing things, we bring you some cool classes for the masses that are slightly out of the ordinary…just like your kids.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. Toronto’s School of Circus Arts offers Sin City-style circus aerobatics for kids. But it’s far more than just kids clowning around. Starting at age five with an aerial and acrobatics class, kids can learn static trapeze, silk ropes and aerial hoops along with tumbling and hand balancing. Think of it as a mini Cirque in the city.

At the Freehand School of Art, creativity is unleashed through drawing, painting, sculpting and mixed media. Run by a mom and daughter team, former elementary and visual arts teachers, the small inventive art classes (for ages four and up) in a bright studio in North Toronto offer an interactive educational element in each class which then inspires the creative craft to be completed afterwards. It’ll make an impression on any future impressionist or modern artist(s) to be.

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