For Foodie Families


There are few things more luxurious than having a top-tier chef come to your home and create a meal just for you. Don’t say goodbye to the dream; just get your kids to work for you, with the help of the appropriately named Kids Can Cook!
The brain child of Mia Brown (savvy mom to Max, Noah and Levi), Kids Can Cook is a unique experience that brings a foodie fantasy to families with young children.

Mia will work with you to create a custom menu, come to your house with all the ingredients and equipment and do an in-house cooking class for up to five kids ages four and older.

With Mia’s guidance they will learn to read and understand a recipe, get to ask a million questions about ingredients and do a lot of the stuff we might keep them away from when we are rushing a meal to the table (measure flour, crack eggs, pour milk, knead dough). Your kids will love it and so will you because Mia does all the chaos management and post-cooking tidying up!


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