Hair Me Now


It’s amazing how one of the first things you blow off once you bring baby home is blow-drying your hair, followed closely by washing it at all.
And we’re ‘hair’ to tell you that even when baby gets a little older, it’s hard to reclaim that me time. It’s been permanently sacrificed to the gods of sorting out too small baby clothes, running around buying umpteen birthday gifts and standing on a field watching soccer games. (And no, a pony tail is not a hairstyle.)

Mom entrepreneur (she’s got two adorable toddlers) Deb McGrath gets all that personally and professionally. That’s why she’s got moms in mind with her brand new blow dry and makeup bar, Do My Hair. (The first location just opened yesterday—others are in the works.) Simply entering the elegant yet funky interior is a soothing experience—with its sparkly silver touches throughout and a glass of water and a cookie to greet you.

Choose from a menu of hair styles—we tried the ‘Jennifer’ but we were tempted by the Fabulous Farrah—and from one of the three product lines (including the MoroccanOil line which made our hair shinier and healthier than we’d seen it in a while). Then relax in the adjustable chairs for a wash and hair treatment ($32). There’s nothing like having someone else wash your hair for you. In 45 minutes, you and your killer, professionally-dried hair are out the door, and if it happens to be raining, Do My Hair offers ‘walk to your car service’ with their signature umbrellas.


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