Let’s Make Up

SavvyMom March 31, 2016

Hurricane hour? You know, it’s the 60 or so minutes between getting the kids up and getting them out the door on a school day. There is breakfast to be made, teeth to brush, socks to find, hair to braid, backpacks to load, lunch boxes to stuff, laces to tie…and let’s not forget you have to get ready too. (A ponytail is not a shower.)
We found that hurricane hour got a lot happier once we found Mommy Makeup, a new line of makeup made just for us moms, and sold exclusively at the brand new, must-check-out Murale makeup boutique which just opened in Toronto this week. The founder of Mommy Makeup, Debra Rubin-Roberts, is a New York makeup artist who was shocked to find she couldn’t find the time to do her makeup when she had kids. She discovered every mother’s critical need to streamline and simplify because all the products in her makeup bag took too long to apply properly.

With a view to solve this problem for moms everywhere, Debra founded Mommy Makeup, a line of products that promises you will be able to do a professional and complete makeup application in less than six minutes. The key was developing hassle-free, multitasking products that make makeup simple.

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