Sitting Safely


It’s not something many of us would freely admit to our children but, back in the day, seatbelts seemed more like punishment than precaution.
Maybe that’s because seatbelts weren’t mandatory in Alberta until 1987. So we’re not sure how our moms kept us secure in a car as infants (and neither do they, frankly)—but we’d rather not think about that.

These days, seat belts are non-negotiable. In fact, ‘parent–initiation’ is now the purchase of a car seat (so baby can go home safely from the hospital). Those bucket seats may seem self explanatory (if you manage to read and understand the manual through the sleepless haze of new motherhood). In truth, car seats are much more complicated than they seem and help can be hard to find (until you get pulled over and fined for having your seat incorrectly installed).

Seat Savvy Inc.’s founders and mom entrepreneurs Angie Aben and Toni Timpano take seat safety seriously. Following the birth of their four (two each) young children, Aben and Timpano became certified Child Restraint Systems Technicians through St. John’s Ambulance. Seat Savvy offers several services including Car Seat Clinics, House Calls (where they will inspect and install your seats) and Car Seat Consultations (before you buy).


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