Look Ma, No Nitrates


Ever played the classic “What am I?” game with your kids? Here’s one that might stump even the savviest of moms:
“I contain antioxidants, come from an animal, and am Canadian-made. What am I?”

You might guess a skin care product or a new healthy beverage. But believe it or not, we’re actually talking about a…hot dog.

Life Choices Natural Foods, the Canadian organic food company and makers of other healthy kid favourites, has given the old ‘nitrates and filler’ stuffed classic a Life Choices makeover. We like them so much, we’ve put our seal of approval on them—look for the “SavvyMom Approved” stickers on the packaging at a store near you.


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  1. Amber on October 21, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    Just to let you know this brand does contain nitrates. Cultured celery extract is a natural, but just as bad for you, nitrate.

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