Not the Same Old


Just because we buy the same clothes, coffee, furniture and books as the rest of the western world doesn’t mean our kids are destined for the same sameness. Does it? If you’re worried the teacher won’t be able to distinguish your child from the other Jacks and Jills, we have a new place for you to shop.
There isn’t even a shiny permanent sign outside yet, but already the stuff is flying out the door of SCKC, the latest kids’ clothing store on Yonge Street. And we’re not surprised. It’s not just a store, it’s a brand new line of clothing for kids and it’s adorable, practical and affordable.

The mom and daughter team of Lauren (the daughter) and Rose (her mom) were inspired to find clothes that look good but can play hard, too. Rose was tired of the fancy ‘from Grandma’ clothes she was buying for her grandchildren and Lauren couldn’t find decent clothes for her son, Jake (age 2). So they put their heads together and developed SCKC for children from newborn to age 10.


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