The Best Diapers on Earth


A baby’s bum is the essence of plump, soft perfection when it comes to skin. Every mom knows that.
So in the maternal quest to keep those precious bums soft, dry and protected, choosing a diaper becomes a big decision. The people at Earth’s Best (well known already for their great organic baby food) feel your pain and have a solution that’s good for babies’ bums and good for the world they are going to live in, too—a non-irritable, environmentally responsible disposable diaper.

Earth’s Best TenderCare diapers contain no chlorine, no dyes, no latex, no perfumes and no toxins. That’s good news for babies’ skin because it reduces the risk of diaper rash. They’re made from non-bleached certified chlorine free wood pulp and have a soft cloth-like comfort that babies and moms both love.

Let’s review. Moms want to protect their baby’s bums, and Earth’s Best makes it easy with diapers that are free of chemicals, bleach or other synthetic materials. Good for babies’ bums, and mom’s peace of mind.

Available from size one to size five, they make a great environmentally conscious and eco-friendly choice that also offers the convenience of disposables.

Now that’s the kind of perfection you don’t need to get bummed out about.


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