Is Your Laundry Clean?


How clean is your laundry? Apparently it’s not easy to tell unless you have revolutionary technology that can detect residue like sweat and body oils that linger on your clothes. Watch this video on the site or the one below to see for yourself. It shows that with UV lighting and a special formula that is sprayed onto the laundry, you can detect all of the smelly body oils and fabric residue that’s left on laundry. In other words, your white towels might look white, but they’re not necessarily clean. Gross, I know.
For the record, and in the spirit of editorial transparency, this is not a sponsored post. After learning about this new product, I was a bit suspicious about this ‘scientific method’, so I took some of the Sunlight Deep Clean home and tested it against my worst laundry nightmare of all time—smelly camp towels. It worked. How do I know it worked? Not from a special spray and UV lighting, but my eyes and nose. Years of experience with mildewed towels told me they were clean to look at, but my nose was the most surprised. For the first year, I only had to wash those towels once to get rid of the mildew smell. I’m told that mildew smell is a result of all the oils and buildup left on towels which doesn’t get deep cleaned (pun intended).

I don’t know if I need to use this detergent on all my fine washables, but for the tough stuff (and I have a lot of that with two pre-teen boys), it will be on my shelf.

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What’s your favourite detergent? I would love to know.


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