Urban Adventurers


Adventure is the name of the game when it comes to summertime entertainment for the troops, and moms are constantly looking for answers to this age old dilemma.
Have you thought about taking the kids for some face-to-face interaction with a prehistoric creature? Or would they rather get close to nature with a visit to an urban farm where they can name a newborn calf?

Princes and princesses in your family will love playing make believe, hide ‘n seek, or escape the dragon in one of the many outdoor mazes. And let us not forget about some of the never-before-seen artefacts that can be discovered for your little adventurer.

And where pray tell, does one embark on such an adventure? Our nation’s capital, in the heart of Ontario, a great place for a summer holiday. We’re talking Ottawa of course, and the good news is that you and your family have a chance to win a trip there. Register today on ontariotravel.net for the Museums and Mazes Contest.


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