It’s True: Kids Need Two Halloween Costumes

Kids Need 2 Halloween Costumes - SavvyMom

In the era of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, it’s no wonder that some parents feel pressure to make Halloween costumes buzz-worthy and social media-worthy—the cuter and more original, the better. There’s no hiding a bad Halloween costume anymore! Kids’ costumes also need to be appropriate for school, (no covered faces, among other rules) and, of course, appropriate for whatever weather is thrown our way.

Like a celebrity attending an international fashion week, it feels like children need at least two outfit changes when it comes to this seasonal celebration. Yes, that’s right, two should do—(but you could even make an argument for three if your kid is going to school in a costume, then trick-or-treating, and also to a party.) Here’s why.

First up, there’s the costume our children head off to school in, which usually needs to meet certain criteria, like no makeup on faces, no covering the face with masks, and no props. Since kids are inside for the majority of the day, it should be comfortable to wear inside and comfy to sit in.

On the plus side, since they are inside, you can indulge their desire to wear those ballerina slippers, princess dresses, and stretchy superhero costumes—no need for cumbersome scarves, jackets and boots to stay warm, which just ruin the ‘look’ of the costume.

But then, night falls. And it’s trick-or-treat time. Every parent prays for a warm Halloween, because the majority of children absolutely detest having to wear a warm coat, hat, or boots with their costumes. No matter how freezing it can sometimes be during a Canadian Halloween, no kid wants to ruin their costume by throwing a coat over it, even unzipped. No princess wants to wear a pom-pom winter hat. Oh, no! They need to wear a tiara! (As princesses should, even if they’ll get frostbitten ears!)

Parents everywhere have likely had ‘the debate’ with our kids. (‘Pretty please, just wear a hat! People will still know you’re a Minion!’) This is why many have given up and opted instead to plan every year for a second, ‘outdoor’ costume, usually larger—to fit over a coat—and which can accommodate rain boots.

If you’ve gone down the ‘two costume’ route, you’re not alone. Americans spent 3.1 billion dollars on Halloween costumes last year. And the average Millennial spends $42.39—more than adults, who spend $31.03.

Another rapidly growing trend is the Halloween party… and it’s quickly becoming as popular as trick-or-treating, a trend that we guess might be the result of increased allergies.

While the weather and school rules play a definite factor, let’s not underestimate the big role social media plays in the two-costume trend. Because there will be photos. Lots and lots of photos.

So, how many costumes will your kid have this year? Are you a one-costume family? Or do you have multiple costumes each year?



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  1. MW on October 17, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    Millennials *are* adults. I think even the youngest ones are 19 or 20 this year.

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