Class Crew: One-Stop Planning for Your Child’s Extracurricular Activities in Ottawa

Class Crew Ottawa

There’s a new way to sign up for extracurricular classes that encourages your kids to try many different activities during the 12-week period.

Class Crew is an Ottawa-based company that has developed activities for children aged 3 to 8 years old. By registering for their courses, kids can dabble in a variety of enrichment courses without committing to only one. We love this opportunity for variety and to explore new passions without an extended commitment.

What are the classes like with Class Crew?

The current pilot programs offered by Class Crew are a varied mix – from arts to sports and more – and highlight some of the most common interests that many kids may want to try. There are STEM programs to focus on electronics and coding, visual arts and storytelling classes, athletics and physical literacy activities and outdoor education.

Using these four types of classes, the programming for Class Crew breaks their 12-week programming into 3 weeks for each subject area. This gives your child the best way to try out something new in every area and potentially decide which one they would love to focus on in the future or as they continue to explore their interests. Or kids can continue to try out additional programming as they get older with Class Crew.

These mini-course lengths are a unique way for kids to try something they maybe haven’t been able to before or that families were not able to commit to longer periods of time. Parents register for their child based on age (3-4 years old, 5-6 years old and 7-8 years old) and every three weeks there’s a new focus, giving kids a creative way to try out extracurriculars without the boredom or repetition.

How does Class Crew work? 

One of the benefits of Class Crew is the simplicity in the registration system and payment process. You simply register for a new Class Crew account (it takes barely any time) and then create a child profile and register your child based on their age group. The 12-week schedule is listed on the website so families know what to expect every week. Then you attend the sessions (an hour each week) and watch your child enjoy their new activities. Every 3-weeks features a new focus (Science, Soccer, Craftwork, and Outdoor Education).

During the hour, your child will enjoy warm-up activities, songs, movement, imaginative play, creativity, hands-on workshopping and more.

Parents will enjoy the ease of registration and the all-inclusive cost; with no upfront cost and no need to buy equipment, the programming is far more affordable than many other options. There’s also the opportunity to meet other parents in the community too.

Currently, classes are being offered at AY Jackson Secondary School in Ottawa’s West End (Kanata). Class information and more details on how to register can be found here.



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