Turn the Page for Great Gifts


The search is on for the perfect gift starting around now. No pressure! And while you can’€™t find one gift to suit everyone, you can get close.
Gifts like the Sony Reader’„¢ Wi-Fi® offers something for most people on your gift list. It’€™s the world’€™s lightest 6’€ e-reader with glare-free, paper-like display, designed for hours of comfortable reading even in direct sunlight. It’€™s portable and it has a long battery life so it’€™s one less thing in your life that doesn’€™t need to be constantly recharged. And at $149.99 (for a limited time), the Sony Reader Wi-Fi is an affordable option for the book lovers in your life.

If you’€™re worried about finding the right stuff to read on your reader, there’€™s no need for concern. The Sony Reader Wi-Fi has wireless internet access so you can shop at the Reader’„¢ Store for books, magazines and newspapers. You can also access your public library to borrow ebooks (that’€™s good to know). You can store up to 1200 titles on 2GB of included memory and you can even plug in your headphones and listen to music while you read. Now that’€™s starting to sound a lot like peace and quiet.

Need some help getting started on filling up your Sony Reader? Check out our top six books for the holidays’€”there’€™s an e-book download for everyone on your list, from grandma to your hard-to-buy-for teen.

Imagine, a lightweight device that can promise some ‘€˜me-time’€™’€¦a portable device that you can pop in your purse or bag so you enjoy reading, whenever, wherever, maybe while you wait for a doctor, or while you stand in line. It’€™s perfect for travel too.

Is it beginning to sound a lot like Christmas for mom now?


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