2015 Starts Here

In with 2015, out with 2014

Dr. Seuss said it best: Today is your day!

Welcome, 2015. We can’t wait to set goals and commit to positive changes. But it doesn’t have to be all about you. This year, set family resolutions you can strive for together.

How it works:

Start with a family meeting, and assign a secretary for taking notes. Begin with a personal round. Parents state something they are proud of, and something they wish to improve. Kids follow suit. After each person has a turn, direct the meeting to family goals. Using the same approach—one thing to be proud of, one thing to improve on—have each member of your family create a family resolution for 2015.

Keep goals age appropriate and specific. If your child’s aim is to spend more time reading, then make it measurable by committing to fifteen minutes per day. If fighting over bathroom time is a problem, set morning limits on shower time. Goals for toddlers might be hygiene related (remembering to wash hands before meals, for example), while school-aged children could tackle household chores like recycling.

Post resolutions in a central area, and review monthly. Friendly reminders help everyone to stay on track.

Setting personal and family resolutions, and then working to reach them, is important to model for children of all ages. And the sense of victory you’ll get from achieving them together will only bring you closer.

Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!

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