Bust a Move, Kid

SavvyMom November 28, 2016

Get snapping to the beat this weekend with two completely different, but totally kid-friendly, music and dance events happening in our city. Whether you prefer classical or contemporary, it’s a great opportunity to introduce a little culture—and to move the dance party outside of your living room for a change.

Head to the Orpheum Theatre on April 19 for a time-travelling expedition with Inspector Bramwell Tovey as he explores the life of Amadeus Mozart. Aimed at kids ages 4–11, the Vancouver Symphony Kids Koncert Series is a fantastic way to introduce your prodigy to orchestral music. Show up early to check out the instrument fair in the lobby, where children can learn about, touch and play the instruments. Tickets are $28 for adults and $19 for kids. (Psst—it’s 30 percent off if you subscribe to the whole series.)

If your kids would rather hop to the music, check out the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre’s Dance Allsorts on April 19. The troupe will perform two new contemporary dances at 2 pm, but stick around for the free all-ages workshop at 3:15, and pick up some new moves for your next family wedding. Pay what you can at the door; suggested donation is $15 for adults and $5 for children.

Let’s take the opportunity to dance and sing with our kids in public while we can, as they definitely won’t be so keen when the teen years arrive.

Looking for more ways to get the kids jumping and jiving? Check out our favourite 5 Family-Friendly Concerts in Vancouver.



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