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Checking Out ‘She’s Fit’: A New Fitness Centre for Women


Wet sneakers shouldn’t be an excuse not to exercise. It’s time to take your fitness routine inside, and we have more options now that She’s Fit recently opened in North Vancouver.

Part of the Trevor Linden-owned Club 16, She’s Fit is for women only, so hello non-threatening environment, good-bye group of guys hovering around the bench press. For $14.99, or the price of a couple of lattes, you get a monthly membership to a single location (they have fourteen around the Lower Mainland). We love that unlike some gyms, their cancellation policy doesn’t lock you in for life—cancel within thirty days of your next bill for a refund.

She’s Fit keeps costs down by not offering hot tubs, saunas or a towel service. By upgrading your membership to Elite ($19.99 per month) you gain access to all locations in the Lower Mainland, excluding downtown. So next time your daughter’s soccer team plays in Chilliwack, you’ll have something to do during warm-up.

Most locations offer plenty of parking and hours that work for the busiest of schedules. We particularly love the thirty-minute speed zone, a targeted circuit that promises maximum results in the minimum time—a great alternative to a pricey personal trainer or staring down a gym full of equipment with no idea where to start.

Good to know: After registration, She’s Fit requires members to undergo a fitness assessment for $29. The idea is to get a sense of your current fitness level, determine achievable goals, and help you map out a fitness plan.

Put yourself first for a change and get focused on your fall fitness routine.

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