Bamboo Babies

Baby Blanket

Turns out that pandas have known the score for a long time. Bamboo is hot.
Bamboo, which is mixed with cotton to produce an incredibly soft, luxurious fabric, is a sustainably harvested and incredibly fast-growing crop. (At up to two feet per day, young bamboo shoots grow up even faster than our preschoolers!) It re-grows itself. It traps five times the greenhouse gas than an equivalent stand of timber trees, while releasing 35 per cent more oxygen. It doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers.

What more could a mom ask for? Just this: it’s hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and requires no special laundering. (Can we admit that is our fave part?) And to our relief, many ultra-tempting, cozy bamboo-based products have shown up in Vancouver over the past few months.

Leading the way in baby wear is Bamboobino, created by Sharon Chai who loved bamboo clothes for herself but couldn’t find any for her two children, now aged 2 and 5. So she designed five products to fill that gap, and they’re available online and in several Lower Mainland shops. From the cashmere-like enclosed baby wrap to an ultra-absorbent after-bath cap that dries off baby’s hair like nobody’s business, your wee one will find that it is, in fact, quite easy being green.


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