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So what’s so smart about M Smart Design? Well, with its commitment to sustainably made and organic products, it’s helping safeguard our planetary future. And its range of price points is pretty smart, too—they have many high-end items, but there is lots of shower-gift and impulse-buy potential here, too.

In M itself, you’ll find items that look smart and act smart. Like the Shoo-foo bamboo towels, which are unbeatably soft and absorbent as well as eco-friendly, and start at $6 for a face cloth. You’ll also find an organic crib mattress made of natural, non-allergenic latex and none of the chemicals that are potentially detrimental to your infant’s health ($475). You can top off the mattress with Vancouver-made organic bedding by Green Bean Baby, and browse through a selection of natural-fibre infant and toddler wear as well.


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