Heavenly House Call

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Top three reasons to stay home this summer:

  1. Gas prices
  2. Road work and traffic
  3. PMS

That’s right, PMS. Nothing hormonal about it, it’s a spa on wheels (also known as Pink Mobile Spa) that services the Lower Mainland and the recent offspring of Carmen Lau’s year-old Pink Nail Spa near Joyce Station. And unlike its other namesake, this PMS is proving a big hit with moms who don’t want to add babysitting worries to the above-mentioned traffic woes.

We tested it out, somewhat skeptical that a home visit could replicate that feeling of pampered tranquility one gets at a ‘real’ spa. Could we really relax and “get away from it all,” when we haven’t, in fact, gotten away at all? In a word, yes.

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