Pop-in Poppins


Moms come in all different philosophical shapes and sizes. And girlfriends are sure to debate everything from nap times to nappies. But we can all agree that finding the best childcare provider possible is top A number #1 priority.
That’s not always an easy task, though, so this week SavvyMom has asked the advice of Leanne Hume of Nannies On Call, a Vancouver placement agency. And why Leanne? Because she’s been on all sides of the fence. She used to work as a nanny. She recruits nannies for her agency. And she’s now a mom herself, so has used her company’s on-call nanny service dozens of times. Here are Leanne’s top tips to consider when you’re looking for someone who’s just right for you and your kids:

  • Look for a nanny who has the qualities you admire and want to see modeled for your children. Know what your own priorities are, and ensure hers are the same.
  • Ask for written references and then verify them by giving them a call.
  • When interviewing, have a list of questions ready. Be sure to ask them all—don’t get derailed by your initial impression of the applicant.
  • Good questions include “What has your worst childcare situation been?” and “Have you ever had an emergency occur? How did you deal with it?” Give the interviewee time to answer the questions; don’t jump in to fill up a silence or ‘rescue’ them.


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