Spring Fling


It’s time for a spring fling. Not ‘fling’, as in ‘put your dancing shoes on’, but ‘fling’ as in ‘fling that old stuff away’. (Who can find those old dancing shoes anyway?) Yup, it’s spring cleaning time, and SavvyMom is here to help you get organized with some great local services that get you started.
Go Lean
Tackle one room—even one drawer—at a time. If you haven’t used it, or worn it, for a year, it could well be time to get rid of it. Call or email the Big Brothers Renew Crew for a pick-up of household goods, clothing and small appliances (larger furniture by arrangement). You could also choose to list free or low-cost goods on craigslist or with www.vancouver.reuses.com, run by the Recycling Council of B.C.

If you’ve got a garage or yard full of stuff to get rid of, you might want to call CMI Junk Removal or 604-Rubbish. Both companies will not only take all your junk, they’ll make sure that whatever can be recycled or donated finds the right home (though, as markets for things like used furniture fluctuate, it’s wise to double check if your items will be re-used, or just disposed of).


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