For the Wise(y)


Hanging ten around the world wide web looking for some funky new gear for babies and kids, you might come across a site called Wisey, where they introduce themselves like this:
She said: We’re young mothers
He said: so what?
She said: and we’re creative
He said: but that won’t pay the bills,
She said: we left our jobs to follow our dreams and establish a design company
He said: I have heard that before
She said: take a look at our products,
He said: humm…you might have a point

And we think they have a point too. Wisey is brand spanking new to Canada, and we’re thrilled that these innovative, stylish and affordable (yes, all at the same time) products have made their way all the way from Israel, where the company was founded.

Ilanit and Orly (both savvy moms to two girls) were very successful women in their LBK (lives before kids) but, as moms, began looking for outlets to foster their creative sides. Much like the story of how SavvyMom evolved, the Wisey seed was planted over a cup of coffee with these two moms discussing what kinds of products they would like to see in the marketplace. Their vision was clear: create stuff that is practical and cool, then sell to moms at an affordable price.

You know we are a bit obsessed about car organization at SavvyMom so we were embarrassingly excited about a new option for organizing our locker/car/playpen. The Wisey Car Bag ($29.99) looks good, makes you feel good and might even brighten up the inside of your tired old ride. Our favourite part? You can rip off some of the compartments to take them inside (like the diaper and wipes section or the one where you have the crayons that might come in handy at the resto) and they just snap right back into place when you are done. Ingeniously designed with the driver in mind, it hangs in the front passenger seat for handy access while driving and then easily turns around when the passenger seat is occupied.

While you are at it, grab your very easy-on-the-eye Wisey Play Mat Bag and be prepared for any kind of surface under your feet. No more fussing over the floor at the community centre or the mucky spring grass outside ‘cause we have just the thing. You’ll look like a regular fashionista with this red (and we mean the perfect red) bag over your shoulder. Open it up and voila! It pops open into the perfect play mat for Jack and his buddies to roll around on. The outside is a waterproof vinyl perfect for outdoors. It’s a bag, a change mat and a play mat all in one—and it’s cool enough to leave the house with ($45).

So be practical, be cool and be wise(y).

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P.S. A very warm welcome to all the new SavvyMom subscribers we met at the Babytime show last weekend. You’re savvy now!


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