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Victoria: The Savvy Guide to February


February gets a really bad rap—and for good reason. But if you’re a glass half-full kind of girl, you’ll see it as a nice short month with a whole lot of love. Our February guide will help you keep your glass full all 28 days.
Get the flu shot if you haven’t already done so
Why? Because the flu can be serious and even deadly for people in high-risk groups. That includes young children, those 65+, pregnant women and those with existing chronic health problems. And this year’s flu seems to be ‘catching on’!

To the Royal BC Museum
Why? Because this month you can take behind-the-scenes tours and try out I-Spy Saturday Family Workshops which allow your kids to see specimens, create crafts and more.

With Spark Story Starters
Why? They are great cards (and an app, too) for families to play together wherever they are. They start conversations, spark imaginations and encourage kids to talk.

Moxie’s First Birthday by Carolyn Robinson
Why? Because your kids (and you) will love Moxie and her BCF (Best Chicken Forever) as they unlock the secret of Moxie’s magic collar in this first book from the great new children’s series, The Adventures of Moxie and Chicken, which delivers a fun read along with a secret dose of education, and morals for kids.

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