Walk Through Mosaiculture Before it’s Gone in October

Mosaiculture Mother Earth

If you remember last year’s Mosaicanada, and the stunning outdoor flower and plant sculptures that represented Canada, you’ll be happy to know that it’s back in Gatineau, with new exhibits, as Mosaiculture.

While you’ll recognize some favourite pieces including Mother Earth and the large train surrounded by flowers, there are new sculptures to discover; some even incorporate movement and others come to life in our imaginations.

If you missed the event last year, or simply want to return, you can spend 60-90 minutes walking through the amazing gardens. But you’ll want to be sure to go before it leaves on October 15. There are 45 different pieces to see, using over 5 million plants!

The trail itself is easy to navigate. You’ll definitely want to have your camera ready to snap photos in front of the large, oversized sculptures but also the brightly coloured gardens filled with vibrant yellows and purples. It’s not lost on us that as we walk around, you can see Parliament Hill in the distance, creating the perfect backdrop for this one-of-a-kind experience.

Families will love seeing the giant Anne of Green Gables sculpture, and the spinning ballerina—her movement only adds to the enchantment of the scene. Listen for musical sounds along the path, and we highly encourage you to read the summaries that accompany each of the plant sculptures. They offer extra insight into the design, and history, being represented.

We think the kids will enjoy learning about the Northern Lights or the birds that are in the giant bird sculpture. Of course, at the very end of your path, there is the piece many people go to see—Mother Earth. The description offers extra information about her name, and what she represents but nothing can compare to seeing her in person, up close and personal. These little touches, not only visually, but with the written components that accompany, are one reason the entire experience is further enriched.

A few things to note

Much of the gardens and sculptures are located in the direct sun, so on a warm, sunny day, be prepared for the heat and keep the kiddos cool. There are drink and ice cream stations located throughout the site to help refresh your family (freshly squeezed lemonade is available!) and there are a few places that offer some shade protection.

The site is accessible for your stroller, and there are places to sit along the way if your tired feet need a break.

One major change from last year’s event is that this year tickets are required to enter Mosaiculture. You have the option to obtain a passport (season’s pass) to offer unlimited access all season long, or the family bundle if you have older children. Otherwise, children under 5 are free.

There is parking available around the site, or you can pair Mosaiculture with a visit to the Canadian History Museum. Park there, visit the museum, then enjoy a stroll through Mosaiculture (it’s only about 5 minutes away when walking from the museum.)

If you are interested in knowing more about the plants and flowers you see as you walk around Mosaiculture, you can find out more by examining the plants and reading their names at the very end of your walking trail. The plants have been put on display for extra viewing and research.

The entrance to Mosaiculture is at the corner of Laurier and Saint-Étienne streets in Gatineau and runs daily from 10 am until dusk (rain or shine!)

And remember, Mosaiculture is only around until October 15!



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