We Heart Clutter-Free Art


With back to school comes the inevitable onslaught of our offspring’€™s artistic endeavours (gulp). Their creativity is irrefutable but managing the volume is at odds with our resolution to control the clutter, and we’€™re not up for the tears induced by one-too-many garbaflage attempts last year. (Gar·ba·flage: the act of covering or hiding something in the trash can that your child doesn’t want thrown away.)
Here to save our sanity’€”and valuable storage space’€”is easy app Artkive (free for a limited time). Now when art arrives home, we make a ritual of snapping a pic with our phone or tablet, uploading the photo to the Artkive app where it is tagged with the artist’€™s name, grade, date created and optional title, and then it gets stored in the cloud.

At the end of the school year (eons away), we can choose to have a hardcover book of the projects created, or select another item. We can also share the creations online with a circle of family and friends (and art critics?).

Good to Know: Artkive is currently available for the Apple operating system only, with the android-compatible version launching soon.

Calling all art critics’€”here are 11 Ways to Organize Kids’€™ Art.

Take another little piece of my art, now baby.

Tested by Janice Q., Toronto ‘€ƒ


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