What’s Streaming in September for Kids & Families

What's Streaming in September for Kids & Families - SavvyMom

It’s been a long summer, but we’re finally headed back to school and embracing routines and schedules. As welcoming as the shift may be though, it can be exhausting getting back into the swing of things. That means downtime is more necessary than ever, especially as you’re hustling kids in and out the door.

That’s where some well-curated content can help!

Whether you’re throwing together dinner and need a few uninterrupted minutes, or you want to assemble the fam for a chill movie night, here’s what’s debuting for kids and families across various Canadian streaming services this month.

Movies & Shows Streaming in September for Kids and Families

Spellbound: Streaming in September - SavvyMom

Friday, September 1 on CBC Gem

The Canadian premiere of this tween drama is here, unfolding the adventures of a teen dance student named CeCe Parker (played by Canadian Hailey Romain) at the Paris Opera Ballet School. There, she discovers that not only is she a talented dancer, but she’s also a witch.

Battle of the Generations - SavvyMom

Battle of the Generations
Friday, September 1 on Crave

Lilly Singh hosts this family-friendly quiz show, which pits four different generations against one another in a battle for cash. The pop culture questions include something for everyone, making this a fun game show for families with older kids.

Streaming in September: Aunty B - SavvyMom

Aunty B’s House
Monday, September 4 on CBC Gem

This ground-breaking, live-action Canadian series is full of heart and valuable lessons about family and what it means to show unconditional love. It revolves around a warm and funny foster mom named Aunty B, and her family of foster kids who use music, play and love to navigate the ups and downs of foster life. Creator Khalilah Brooks stars.

Streaming in September: Hello Kitty Super Style! - SavvyMom

Hello Kitty: Super Style!
Monday, September 4 on CBC Gem

This new animated series featuring the iconic character follows Hello Kitty as she helps her friends find happiness—while wearing the most appropriate and cutest of outfits, of course.

The Little Mermaid Streaming in September - SavvyMom

The Little Mermaid
Wednesday, September 6 on Disney+

The live-action version of Disney’s most popular mermaid swims onto the streaming service this month. Follow along as Ariel (Halle Bailey) fulfills her wish to become human despite meddling from the evil sea witch Ursula (Melissa McCarthy).

I Am Groot Season 2 - SavvyMom

I Am Groot (S2)
Wednesday, September 6 on Disney+

Everyone’s favourite troublemaking Twig returns for a second season of adventures this month. Follow Baby Groot as he explores the universe and meets interesting creatures in five new shorts.

Kung Fu Panda The Dragon Knight 3 - SavvyMom

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (S3)
Friday, September 8 on Netflix

The Dragon Knights return for another round of battle as they race to destroy the Tianshang weapons once and for all.

Animals Up Close - SavvyMom

Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory
Wednesday, September 13 on Disney NatGeo

Animal-loving families will get a kick out of this filmmaker’s ability to capture wildlife behaviours with his state-of-the art equipment and tech. Follow along as Gregory and his team travel across the planet (Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, Botswana, Patagonia, Indonesia, and the Central African Republic) to capture these extraordinary animals in their natural habitats.

My Little Pony Make Your Mark Chapter 5 - SavvyMom

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark (Chapter 5)
Monday, September 18 on Netflix

The Ponies are back, this time to reclaim Sparky’s Dragonfire and stop the evil Opaline before she claims all the power of Equestria for herself.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 - SavvyMom

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (s5)
Wednesday, September 20 on Disney+

If your kids fell in love with Miraculous when the Netflix movie debuted last month and you’re looking to introduce them to more of Ladybug’s adventures, the fifth season of the series drops on Disney this month.

Spy Kids: Armageddon Streaming in September - SavvyMom

Spy Kids: Armageddon
Friday, September 22 on Netflix

The newest sequel to the kid-friendly franchise hits the streamer this month. When the children of the world’s greatest secret agents accidentally help a powerful game developer unleash a deadly computer virus, they’ll need to work together to stop it before it takes down the world.

Raven's Home Streaming in September - SavvyMom

Raven’s Home (s6)
Wednesday, September 27 on Disney+

The sixth season of the That’s So Raven spinoff is now available for sitcom-loving families to stream in full. This installment includes a trip to London, an epic prank war, and Raven’s big reality show debut, among other adventures.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury on Netflix - SavvyMom

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury
Friday, September 29 on Netflix

It’s a battle of the cosmos when Lord Zedd returns, forcing Team Cosmic Fury to stand up for the universe and save it before it’s too late.


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