Winter Fun-derland


With the winter solstice upon us, you could decide to hunker down and hibernate ‘en famille’, but we’re guessing the kids won’t go for your idea of reading and napping all day long (as heavenly as that sounds).
So to avoid feeling like the shortest days of the year are the longest, we’ve dug up some great ideas from our archives to add a little fun to your winter days.

Go Fast
Get the gang out tobogganing—there’s no more classic way to have some winter fun—but be sure to check out our Tobogganing Guide first for some tips, and don’t forget the latest and greatest winter gear to keep everyone warm and cozy.

Embrace the Elements
There’s more to do outside than sledding and we’ve got some ideas that other SavvyMom readers shared on how to enjoy the winter here. Try building snow castles on the lawn with buckets and shovels. Decorate snow with spray bottles filled with water and food colouring or draw chalk drawings of each other on the fence and throw snowballs at them.

Warm Up
When it’s time to gather the gang inside, warm up with our fail-proof homemade hot cocoa recipe and enjoy a read-aloud session with one of our favourite children’s books.


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