20+ DIY Christmas Wreaths – Made from Dollar Store Supplies

20 Christmas Wreaths (3)

It’s time for me to make a new Christmas wreath! I’ve got a couple (like my gorgeous Nut Wreath) but this year I’m craving something new. Even I, who loves the nostalgia of hanging the same holiday decorations every year, can start craving something fresh.

Buying a premade Christmas wreath is always an option, of course. But I’m a maker and that just doesn’t sound like enough fun for me.  And Christmas wreaths can be insanely expensive to buy!

And don’t get me started – they can cost twice as much to make! Amiright?!  Sometimes by the time you gather all the supplies at Michaels, your craft rings in somewhere in the neighbourhood of a car payment. Not cool.

But there is another way!  Just like the elegant Dollar Store Christmas Crafts collection I shared before, I’ve got a new list here with all the Christmas wreath supplies from, you guessed it, the dollar store.  I love the challenge of going to the most affordable, and often tackiest, place down the street and emerging with the supplies to make something truly beautiful.  That’s exactly what this Dollar Store Christmas wreath collection is about – creative holiday beauty on a budget!