3 Words That Made My Family Love Leftovers (And Gave Me a Night off Cooking Every Week!)

how to get your family to eat leftovers and like it

‘The days are long but the years are short.’

Such a great quote about parenting, right?  The first part is bang on: the days are looooooong.  Between cleaning, working, activities and obligations—some days feel a dozen hours longer than others.

When it’s been a day at work that’s worn me down, or maybe a busy one with the kids and housework and errands and extended family commitments—those long days leave me spent.  There isn’t a speck of motivation left.  The very last thing I have energy for is cooking dinner.

The first time I used these three magic words, I did a mental happy dance.  But, part of me said, ‘Enjoy it while you can, there’s no way this will work again.’  But thankfully that part was dead wrong!

These words work for me—and they’ve given me a night off cooking every week.  I am truly hopeful this will work for you too!