Discovering My Body Dysmorphia


Today I decided to fix my storage problem on my laptop, by attaching my external hard drive from my old computer up to it to start saving files onto. I decided to open it up and browse through forgotten photos of my life between high school and Aubrey. In it, I came across a folder labeled ‘My Body’.

I opened it, not knowing what I would find. There, before my eyes were photos of a confident scantily clad, pre-children body I never knew I had. How did I live my whole 20’s never realizing how great my body was and fit I looked. I was always wanting to get the scale to read under 120 lbs and under 20% Body fat. I hated the way I looked and would beat myself up, dragging myself to the gym 5-6 days a week and feeling guilty if I didn’t go. I had such dedication to something that I now look back on and realized didn’t matter that much. I LOOKED LIKE A GOD DAMN VICTORIA’S SECRET MODEL AND DIDN’T KNOW IT!