When You’re An A***hole Sports Parent, It’s The Kids Who Lose

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Do you ever read a news article where you’re legit embarrassed that it’s a real story, a real thing and that this is something that happens on a widespread basis?

Honestly. Where are we as a society in North America, when our kids turn up to rinks and pitches to play their sport and it’s the parents who are getting reprimands and consequences.? Yet, that is exactly what is happening across the border with our neighbours to the South, to the point where South Carolina’s Youth Soccer Association has had to institute a ‘no cheering, no jeering,’ rule. It was so necessary to tell these parents to pipe down, that parents can’t even cheer their own kids starting September.

And let’s not point fingers at our U.S. counterparts and feel a sense of pride that it’s not us. It is us. I’ve seen it. If your kids play recreational or competitive sports, you’ve probably seen it too. My friend shared a story on her Facebook the other week of a parent losing it on the soccer field at the coach because his kid was given a penalty. The child is seven years old. The parent reacted like a 6-year-old. The coach he yelled at, was a parent volunteer. Get it together people!

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