5 Things on Minnow’s Radar


It’s only the second week of my return to the blog and so much has caught my attention. Here are my top five radar-worthy things this week.

    1. The Roller Buggy Stroller. Really? Put your most prized possession (that would be your baby) in the seat and then go for a joy ride—as fast as you can. Because we just can’t keep things simple, we have to make it more fun. But as all moms know, there is a very fine line between fun and danger. Please don’t buy this product if you live in San Francisco—there is nowhere to go but downhill for this ridiculosity (new noun I just made up).
    2. Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. I know I’m a bit late to the party as this book has been around for a while and is already a major motion picture (released last summer). But this story about the life of a Holocaust survivor and the lives connected to her kept me reading all night.
    3. My new Lole Tank because it’s great for Pilates. It fits perfectly and is nice and long so I can bend over without exposing my entire muffin top to the world.
    4. SHOP.CA. It’s the biggest and coolest new place for Canadians to shop on the world wide web, promising to take the hassles out of shopping online for Canadians, too. It’s just that it’s not open for business YET. But if you’re savvy, you’ll want to sign up and tell all your friends about it so you can start earning SHOP.CA Rewards. You can earn $10 in SHOP.CA Rewards with your first purchase of $100 or more PLUS 5x SHOP.CA Rewards for the rest of 2012. Then get ready for a shopping spree on May 17 when it opens.
    5. Chicken infused with arsenic, Benadryl and caffeine. My obsession with what to eat and what not to eat did not improve after reading this article on Babble, especially considering the amount of chicken I eat and feed my family. I’m reminding myself that it’s just one study but I’ll be following the debate closely. You’ll likely hear back from me on this one.


What’s on your radar this week?



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