5 Ways to Decorate with Apples This Fall


I believe that seasonal decorating should make use of what’s readily available. In the winter I opt for greenery and citrus, in the spring I choose wheat grass and eggs, and in the summer I like to incorporate sunflowers and fresh lavender into my table decorations.

When it comes to the fall, pumpkins and gourds are popular, but I also like to use apples whenever possible. I like the way they smell and the pop of red adds some much needed natural colour to a room or front porch when the light starts to fade and the days become shorter.

Here are a few ways you can include apples in your early fall decorating:

1. Make an apple garland and hang it on the mantle, door, or over the back of a chair. While this project can be a little challenging, it only requires three items and is worth the effort. You’ll need small apples (crab apples would work, too), fishing line and a long, sturdy needle. Thread the fishing line onto the needle and push it through the centre of the apple. Repeat with as many apples as needed and tie off the end, leaving a little extra for easy hanging.

2. Place a large wooden bowl on your dining table or kitchen counter and fill with assorted apples.

3. Use apples as place cards. Write the name of a guest on a decorative piece of paper, punch a hole into the top of the card and tie it to the stem of the apple with a festive ribbon.

4. Make an indoor apple tree by collecting a large bunch of bare branches and placing them inside a vase or metal container. Tie a twine loop around the steams of small apples and hang them at various lengths from the branches. This looks especially nice on a table in the foyer or on a mantle.

5. Make floating apple votives. This is the perfect decoration for Thanksgiving and requires nothing more than some apples, votive candles, a bucket or basin, and some water. To make the candles, place the votive on the centre of the apples (remove the stem) and trace it. Cut around the drawn circle with a paring knife, inserting it on a diagonal. Remove the cut piece of apple with a spoon and scoop out a little extra flesh to accommodate the depth of the candle. Insert the tea-light and place the apples in a bin or basin filled with water.



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