Awesome Hero Activities

These party activities for little heroes are just super.
These party activities for little heroes are just super.

Villain Cake Hunt
Best for: Ages 1 to 3

Someone has stolen the cake! It’s up to your little guests to find it.

You’ll Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Marker
  • Birthday cake

How to Play:

  1. Cut the construction paper out in fun shapes—either as a villain logo (think Riddler from Batman) or a comic book bubble.
  2. Write easy clues that lead to one another and include an action that is easy for little ones to do. Such as: If you want your sweet treat, first you need to stomp your feet. Then find the place where you put your shoes, and there will be your next clue
  3. Help the kids as they move to the next clue. Hide the birthday cake in the last spot (somewhere large enough for it to be stored safely) and then let the kids enjoy their sweet reward!

Good to Know: If you have an enthusiastic parent who wants to dress up as a funny ‘villain’ and taunt the kids with humour as they move along, they’re sure to get some enthusiastic response.

Mind Power GameMind Power Game
Best for: Ages 3 to 5

See how well kids can read the ‘minds’ of their fellow guests!

You’ll Need:

  • An enthusiastic adult to help prompt ideas from the kids
  • A space to play where a child can leave the room for a moment
  • A ‘cape’ and ‘mask’ for the child playing the hero

How to Play:

  1. Create a ‘stage’ area for the designated ‘hero’ and have the other guests sit in the ‘audience’.
  2. Have the player leave the room, then together as a group, decide what ‘pose’ or ‘action’ the hero must make—flying position, muscleman pose, jump up and down, etc.
  3. Invite the player back in. The audience then hums quietly while the player has to try and guess what the pose is that he or she is supposed to make. As the player gets close, hum louder—further away, hum softer. The closer the player gets, the louder the audience hums until he or she finally achieves it. Then, it’s the next child’s turn.
  4. The adult can help by offering suggestions to the child if necessary.

Good to Know: If your kids are on the younger side, rather than have them complete some sort of action, you can choose an object in the room as a group and the goal becomes having that child guess what the object is—the closer he/she gets to it, the louder everyone hums until he/she has identified it.

Make Your Own Hero CostumeMake Your Own Hero Costume
Best for: Ages 5 to 8

You’ll Need:

  • Plain T-shirts for all the guests
  • Fabric crayons [link to pick] or markers
  • Any further supplies as stated on the fabric crayon package
  • Optional: toilet paper tubes, stickers and aluminum foil

How to Make:

  1. Have a designated area set up for colouring.
  2. Let your guests each have a T-shirt and start drawing their own super logos.
  3. If you’re using the toilet paper tubes, slice them once lengthwise to open them up to create ‘power wrist bands’. Wrap aluminum foil around them and let the kids decorate with stickers then wrap the band around their wrists.
  4. When everyone is done, have a Hero Fashion Show and have each guest share what their super power is—be sure to take lots of photos.

Good to Know: This craft also doubles as a loot-bag alternative as the guests get to take home their own T-shirt creations. You can also substitute T-shirts for capes which can be made from strips of fabric.


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