7 Savvy Tips for a Spooky and Safe Halloween

SavvyMom April 28, 2016
Kids on Halloween

We love Halloween and we love how much our kids love Halloween. That’s why we don’t want to sound like the fun police, but we do want to make some sense of the sugar excess and we definitely want to make sure they’re safe when they’re out trick-or-treating. Our Tips for a Spooky and Safe Halloween will make sure the night is full of fun—not fright.

Introduce the Switch Witch 
Who is the Switch Witch? She’s a cousin of the Tooth Fairy and she comes late at night looking for bags of candy. In their place, she leaves a small gift as thanks.
A Word on Masks 
Try to avoid costumes that require masks which cover the entire face or eyes. Children need their eyes to guide them down dimly lit streets and the small eye holes in masks are often not good enough to allow them to see their way safely as they walk. Makeup is a great alternative!


The big night is almost here. We’ve got more ways to keep them safe and everyone happy this Halloween. Trick or treat!

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