A Bright Idea for Bright Kids

Smart Kid Playing with Educational Toy

Kids don’t come with a manual. Actually, it might be more accurate to say they come with hundreds.

Babies, toddlers and kids learn and grow—often right before our eyes—by touching, seeing, hearing and tasting their world. Any parent knows the joy of seeing their curious kid light up at the sight of something truly exciting—something that creates a spark in their brains and plants a seed of curiosity. But what if you could give them the right toy at the right time and make that spark an everyday occurrence? Better yet, what if you knew how to play with your baby to help them reach that next developmental milestone?

Enter Bright Bean, a brand-new Canadian company started by a band of parents who sought the expertise of educators (and who became pretty darn savvy along the way themselves) about the toys that would maximize a child’s potential. Their new online shop sells high-quality, educational toys kids can thrive with—and they’ve taken out all the guesswork by lining it up based on specific milestones, ages and stages of kids from birth up to age 12.

Bright Bean knows that the best way to spur kids’ healthy and timely emotional, cognitive and physical development is for their parents to play with them—which is why parents are at the heart of everything Bright Bean does. It’s as much a learning resource for parents as it is a toy store—the Interactive Milestones Guide not only shows what toys are best suited for growth and learning at specific stages, it teaches parents how to help by engaging and playing with their child, too.

You can sign up and become a member to Bright Bean here—and if you’re fast enough, you can benefit from early bird perks like free shipping for six months, a $10 store credit and 20% off your purchases for one month. Follow the Bright Bean blog for articles on crafts, activities, open-ended play and more ways to encourage your bean’s healthy development.

You’re looking bright already. Who needs a manual anyway?



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