A Friend Indeed


Jack and Jill were told to run up the hill and fetch a pail of water.
They deliberately disobeyed,
And there was hell to be paid.
(And that’s really how Jack broke his crown.)

Do you have deliberate disobeyers in your house? Feeling a little close to the end of your rope?

Before it gets too bad, Parental Guidance is a solution that can help.

Think a kinder, gentler version of Nanny 911 or a refresher course of Parenting 101. Sometimes life gets hectic, (bad) habits develop and someone has to remind us how to regain control of our household again.

The aim of Parental Guidance is to help parents feel that they are not alone in their parenting challenges, and to become confident in their parenting style by assisting them with such common issues as bedtime battles, temper tantrums, homework struggles and differing parenting styles.


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