A Hot Cool Knight


A SavvyMom A-list top priority is keeping her babies safe and warm. But what happens when the heat breaks down in the middle of a cold winter’s night and the repair man doesn’t come for another week?
This will not do.

We have a white knight, a man who would literally ride in on a horse to save you from the cold winter chills if that was the only way to get there. This man is Christopher Hopper – furnace expert extraordinaire – of Northern Home Services and he’ll be there when you need him.

Sure, it’s unusually warm in some parts for October, and the last thing you want to worry about is your heating. But don’t be fooled. We’ve been warned about the high gas bills to come this winter. Save energy by ensuring your furnace works efficiently as possible.

SavvyMoms don’t know a lot about furnaces except that they should work. Now is the time for a fall check-up for your furnace. Don’t wait for an emergency. You can chill out all winter long with a little preventive maintenance now.

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