A Royal Celebration


We’re pretty good at getting up and out of bed at 3 am, but it’s not usually a premeditated event—especially not on a Friday morning. This weekend, we might make an exception to that rule, however.
According to the most recent poll on our site, 34% of you don’t plan on watching the Royal Wedding on Friday morning, while 26% of you are already getting excited about Friday’s nuptials (but the majority—39%—are not feeling strongly either way). So it might not be a case of waking up at 3 am for you, but the way we see it, most parents with little kids are up by about 6 am anyway, so there’s very little planning involved.

The critics will tell you that there are more important things going on in the world than a multi-million dollar wedding—and of course there are— but that doesn’t mean we should feel guilty about enjoying a little entertainment. You see, it’s not often we’re given the opportunity to watch a real life fairy tale come to life, but the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William is exactly that.

So in an age when reality is the new ticket to entertainment, perhaps a real life fairy tale wedding is as exciting for the kids to watch as another sequel of Shrek. There’s a princess, a prince, a beautiful dress and a big wedding. All in high def.

We know you’ll end up watching.


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