Baby Bolognese


I often think back to when my boys were toddlers, and wonder in amazement how we made it through some of those years. It isn’t that the tween years are easier (oh, I promise you they certainly aren’t), but feeding toddlers was probably the most difficult when they were between the ages of two and four.

Picky palates reign supreme during those tumultuous years, and finding a nourishing meal that pleased everyone was virtually impossible. Like most kids, mine loved pasta, and the more kid-friendly the meal looked, the more they were likely to devour it without inspection or difficulty.

Enter Baby Bolognese. This meal made an appearance more times that I’d like to count back when dinners were challenging, and to this day it’s still a popular comfort dish, although I occasionally fancy-it-up with the addition of linguine, spinach and baby bocconcini.

Do you have a favourite toddler dinner? Which meals are a favourite for your little ones?

To see the full printable recipe, click here: Baby Bolognese


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