Savvy Resolutions


This year, we decided to tackle the topic of New Year’€™s resolutions with some real experts. We asked ourselves if we were a nutritionist, or a finance expert or a family therapist, what would we resolve to do this year?
All of our esteemed experts came back with different approaches to making resolutions but with one common thread. The theme of finding time, balance and connections (in real life) seemed to be a priority.

Here is what they shared with us.

Ann Douglas, author of numerous books about pregnancy and parenting, including The Mother of All Toddler Books and The Mother of All Parenting Books:

  • Messages on Facebook are no substitute for face-to-face conversations. I want to challenge myself to connect with family and friends more often and in more meaningful ways.
  • I have a fabulous new treadmill. I need to use it more often. It’s that simple.
  • Taking on writing projects that force me to step outside my comfort zone as a writer and finding new ways to connect with others who share my passions for social justice and democracy.
  • Finding creative ways to showcase family memorabilia and other items that really matter to me.

Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell, parenting experts who provide tools for real life parenting through their company, Parenting Power’„¢:

“We both believe in the importance of asking ourselves weekly “What am I doing for my kids they could be doing for themselves?”. Our goal is not to load them up with more stuff to do, but to be very aware, logical and thoughtful in supporting and establishing an environment and expectations where children feel confident and capable in themselves.”


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