Bloomers! VeggiePOPS!


Spring is in the air! We’€™re celebrating the arrival of warmer temps, longer days, and the end of snowsuit season. Growing seedlings with your kids is such a fun springtime activity’€”it’€™s educational, simple, and fun’€”and we love that these Bloomers! VeggiePOPS! cut down on the mess and on the supplies we need. Just plant directly into the ground, add water, and watch as the VeggiePOP pops open and the seeds sprout in days. Cool. Each VeggiePOP contains 3-4 vegetable seeds and compressed worm castings that fertilizes the seeds as they sprout. Choose from beans, radish, lettuce, carrot, cherry or big tomato, and cucumber VeggiePOPS! and get growing. ($5.99 each, available at


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