Breakfast Television Visit


Tomorrow morning, I am excited to be appearing on Breakfast Television. I’ll rise at 5:30 a.m. so I can blow dry my hair and get camera ready for Kevin and Dina. The topic? The very important and never-ending question—what are the best peanut-free snacks to pack for lunch? This is a very important issue and one that plagues moms daily. So I was happy to step up to the plate to share some ideas on how we can all help families with allergies by bringing safe food to shared environments.
To get ready for tomorrow, we ran an informal poll and asked many of our readers what they liked to send to school. Some of the answers can be found in our latest edition of SavvyMom Today, and others will be revealed on BT Wednesday morning.

What peanut-free snacks do you like to send your kids to school with?


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